The Climate Science Alliance thrives today as a binational, boundary-spanning network of leaders, scientists, natural resource managers, Tribal professionals, artists, educators, youth, and community engagers with a mission to share ecosystem-based resiliency approaches that safeguard communities and natural resources from the impacts of climate change. We do this through leading activities and creating partnerships which increase awareness of climate change impacts, promote solutions, and facilitate action.
Since our beginnings in 2015, the Climate Science Alliance has collaborated on more than a dozen science-focused projects, partnered with over 400 organizations, and engaged with over 200,000 community members! Looking to the future, the Climate Science Alliance is committed to pursuing projects and actions that embody Transformational Adaptation, a multi-year vision that encompasses all areas of our work.

Building Resilience

We build climate resilience by supporting regionally-specific, cross-disciplinary research to better inform climate solutions. Through collaborative projects, we are planning climate-smart landscapes, conserving natural resources, preserving cultural heritage, supporting Intertribal collaboration, and fostering science-focused partnerships.
Current Projects: Learn how the Climate Science Alliance team is actively building resilience through collaborative, science-focused partnerships. Each project page contains updates, resources, and more!
Past Projects: Since our beginnings in 2015, we’ve collaborated on more than a dozen projects with our partners. Learn more about past projects and how we continue to disseminate findings to the community today.
Working Groups: Our Baja Working Group and Tribal Working Group provide an opportunity for partners to share skills, expertise, and knowledge in order to bridge the gap between research and application within the community.

Building Capacity

We build climate capacity by meeting people where they are with accessible information on climate science, planning, and management. Through partner collaboration, we are convening climate leaders, training stakeholders and practitioners, supporting innovative projects, developing educator tools, and listening to our community.
San Diego Climate Summit: A biennial gathering to advance strategies and solutions that support Tribal resilience in the face of climate change.
Southwestern Tribal Climate Change Summit: The Climate Science Alliance was proud to host the 2021 Southwest Adaptation Forum in partnership with the Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center.
Trainings & Events: We collaborate with our extensive network of partners to build organizational capacity through interactive and unique workshops, trainings, and activities.

Building Community

We build climate community by bridging the gap between climate research and the community through multiple innovative avenues of science translation. Through community engagement, we are translating climate science, inspiring youth to action, creating artistic connections, bringing people together, and cultivating climate hope.
Climate Kids: Climate Kids is a series of community level collaborative projects that provide youth education on climate change through science activities, storytelling, and art.
Art & Community: Through our Art + Community Initiative, we are bridging the gap between research and application through climate art and our team of Affiliated Artists.
Community Activities: Since 2015, we have engaged with over 200,000 community members! Check out the activities that the Climate Science Alliance team has hosted and participated in.
Because of our strong network and partnerships, meaningful change is on the horizon. Your generosity today will help us transform the climate conversation and work across our region and beyond – let’s continue the good work together.


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