California Wildlife Foundation is committed to conserving, restoring and maintaining habitats and corridor linkages throughout the state in order to ensure the biological diversity of species over time.


Since 1990, CWF has administered large-scale acquisitions, ambitious restoration of land and water projects, development of fishery and land management plans, and worked with its partners to maintain these special places for the benefit of people, plants and wildlife.


California Wildlife Foundation participates in large and small education and outreach efforts that engage people – young and old – in appropriate site specific recreation and science-based learning.


California Wildlife Foundation was created in 1990 by a group led by the then Resources Agency Secretary to support the work of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (formerly California Department of Fish and Game). Over the next 25 years, CWF expanded its reach to collaborate with federal, state, regional and local agencies. CWF works with land trusts and other nonprofit organizations to implement wildlife and habitat projects for public benefit.


Since 1990, the California Wildlife Foundation (CWF) has worked to protect the state’s wildlife species. CWF supports programs of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and its partners, manages funds designated to strengthen the stewardship efforts and long-term management of publicly-held wildlife areas and reserves, facilitates the development of regional land and fishery management plans, practices sound land use and science in its conservation and restoration projects, and promotes the judicious and ethical use of California’s wild resources through educational and recreational activities that encourage people to appreciate, respect and perpetuate the state’s rich diversity of plant and animal life.


CWF’s primary role is to provide fiscal and administrative management services for agency-approved projects and programs. CWF’s project revenue comes from a variety of sources including grants, mitigation and program fees, contributions and investments. In addition to supporting specific land and fishery projects, CWF provides assistance for scientific research, environmental education and publications aimed at delivering conservation information and tools to businesses, schools, landowners and community leaders.


A three-member board of trustees governs CWF and designates the organization’s executive officer to manage and implement the organization’s programs and resources.

Ellen Maldonado, Chairperson
Lynn Barris, Secretary
Jim Lightbody, Treasurer

Janet Cobb, Executive Officer


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